What Whales Do At Night

What Whales Do At Night

Sometimes I feel a little weird. I think this painting reflects that. I really have no idea how this theme popped into my brain? It just felt right at the time, so I went with it. Two whales playing soccer with one another in the ocean under the moonlight. What is unusual about that? I decided to go black and white with this one. I kind of like the silhouette effect, so I may be using it more often. Bottom line is painting gives me freedom to express and freedom to escape. As I said in an earlier post it’s actually therapy for me. I love creating, and another reason I am sharing this blog is in the hope that it inspires you to create. Even if you think you have no artistic talent. You do. If you give painting a go, start out simple. Start with simple landscapes. Nature is a great way to hide mistakes. Questioning on how a tree should look or hill or rock, log or whatever is hard to do. In nature, imperfections are what make it perfect. So, just experiment and don’t be hard on yourself. I have never had professional training. I am self-taught. For now, I just hope I made you smile a little and inspire you to create something.

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