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This is what started it all. My wife knows how much I love to woodwork, and she knew I painted, but it had been a long time since I picked up an art brush. In our early years of marriage, I did quite a lot of water color paintings. Until this year,  it has been over 30 years or so since I painted regularly. With the wood canvas shown above, those are not cedar planks that you will see in the rest of the paintings I have done. They are mix of thick pine boards I glued together. My wife had seen something similar like what you see here on Pinterest, and she asked me to make one like it for her. It peaked my interest because it was a wood project. At the time I was more interested in making the canvas out of wood than painting. So without hesitation I said sure; never realizing that it has now led me as far as this in creating a blog to showcase my work. Not my intention at all at the time. Just one thing led to another and now here I am writing about it.

When I made the piece above I decided to go with acrylic paint. I never really messed around with acrylic in my twenties. I mainly used the water color medium. But since I was painting on wood, I needed a little more of a meaty paint. Now I am hooked on acrylic. I never have done oil painting, but I think acrylic is just such a great consistency between water color and oil. I can make it as thick and thin as I want by mixing it with water or not. This medium just feels right for what I want to accomplish when painting on wood. One day I will give oil painting a shot, but for now I am enjoying acrylic to much. After doing this project, I knew I had to do more. I was bitten once again by the creative bug. The combination of loving acrylic paint and wood working was all to much. Now, I think I need an intervention.

Some of my paintings, I have burned the words into the canvas. The words above are burned in:

“Family  like branches on a tree…we may grow in different directions…yet our roots remain as one”  unknown author.

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