Rare Penguin Moment Captured

Penguin Moment

I decided to paint another strange picture. Why not? We live in a wacky world anyway. Earlier I had painted two whales playing soccer (you can view that pic further down in this blog). After receiving some good compliments on it I decided a Whale encore was in order. I call this one “Rare Penguin Moment Captured”. Nothing odd about two penguins admiring a majestic whale breaching the sea. Just two loving penguins admiring another sea creature I thought. I named the penguins Louis and Penelope after the movie “Trading Places”. One funny movie. Louis and Penelope just seemed to me to be the right fit for these two love birds. Perhaps you will see them again in another painting? You never know where these two will end up. Okay…..I’ve lost my mind. I’m talking about fictitious animals and scenery. Oh well, a little humor can go a long way 🙂 I hope you enjoy the painting.

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4 thoughts on “Rare Penguin Moment Captured

  1. Do these just pop into that magical brain of yours? Yet, another delight to add to the collection. So talented!



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