Penguins Heart On The Beach

Penquins Heart On The Beach

This is my fourth painting in a series of Penelope and Louis. World Penguin Day is coming up on 25 April 2017, so I wanted a special painting of them on their day. By facing each other and holding their flippers they created a heart. I will call this painting Penguins Heart On The Beach. It is painted on three pine board planks. The beach is the unpainted wood, and I glued on some sea shells for an added effect. Hope you enjoy the painting.


4 thoughts on “Penguins Heart On The Beach

  1. Love, love, love this!! Sharing it on my personal FB page. I still plan to do a post for my Oh, For the Love of God page with your Dutch Windmills. There are several others that I think would make great backgrounds for inspiration FB posts – so much good stuff here! Ended up hanging out way too long! I can’t believe there was a 30 year period when you didn’t paint! I enjoyed your e-book, and was saddened by the horrible accident James’ friend endured. Do you have an update on him?


  2. Thank you for your kind words Shel. The act of painting is therapy to me. A lot of stuff goes on in life between 20 and 60. I guess that is why painting was shelved for me for so many years. Not only that, I was a drunk for many of those years. I’m proud to say I have been sober for nearly seven years now. I’ll never go back to that dark world. I see life through a much clearer lens now. Glad you enjoyed my “Tragic Accident” painting. He is no longer in the Army and has and will continue to go through extensive rehabilitation. He has enormous support base of family and friends.


  3. I don’t know all the back story here, but I do love this painting, which Shel shared on her FB page. Absolutely gets to my heart. I also appreciate the description; would love to see it live.


    1. Thank you Natine. I decided to create the world of Penelope and Louis. This is the 4th in a series of paintings. I literally just completed the 5th one. Who knows where these two will end up next? 🙂


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