Mount Katahdin

Strategic Moves

A challenge and a victory. Hiking the Knife Edge Trail to Chimney Peak on Mount Katahdin Maine. Like the game of Chess it takes strategic moves. I did this painting for my oldest son. I combined his love of Chess and hiking into one little painting. It is a reminder and tribute to him for tackling the Appalacian Trail back in the year 2000. This is small wood canvas measuring only 5″ X 7″.

2 thoughts on “Mount Katahdin

  1. Great work. Really, this is something. I live in Maine and I view the mountain a few times per year. Soon, more. Your combination of reality with a game, though also reality, is fantastic. I happen to love Chess. Though not always when I’m drunk playing against a computer.


  2. Glad you like the painting. It really is amazing how these hikers go out 5 to 6 months to hike the Appalachian Trail. My son prepped for it for one year before he tackled it. His bedroom was stacked floor to ceiling with pre-made boxes of food. When he got close to a town he would call us to mail a package, so he could pick it up at the post office when he arrived. Hikers probably burn 5 to 6,000 calories a day. He said he would eat a stick of butter or quarts of ice cream when he got into a town. He has many good stories about the trail. I admire his tenacity in hiking it. Many hikers don’t get past the first week without throwing their backpacks off a cliff and turning around to go home. You have to hike about 15 miles just to get to the actual trailhead (starting point). Rugged hiking, major calorie burns, fierce weather and on and on. It’s a major test of the human spirit. One I’m not willing to take myself…lol.


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