The Wood Canvas Is Part Of The Art.

The Barn

I call this painting “Life…There Is Light After The Darkness”.

The left side of the painting represents the turmoil and storms we have as we go through our life’s journey. The right side of the painting represents the happiness, love and peace throughout ones life. It gives hope and light after you have been struck down in the darkness. The Barn is the focal point. To me it represents humans. No matter what is thrown at you to tear you down, to break you with grief, pain and sadness the human condition can win out. The barn will not be crushed in the aftermath of immense destruction, and  you CAN shine on and stand tall through it all with hope, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of calm, peace and inner strength.

Cedar and Pine wood planks are my chosen canvases. Discover why in my blog. I’m just an amateur artist trying to show that anyone can with a desire to experiment with acrylic painting can create something different and unusual. Don’t let fear of trying hold you back.

I hope you take a few minutes and click the blog link above to see more of my paintings.

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28 thoughts on “The Wood Canvas Is Part Of The Art.

    1. Thank you so much. Hopefully it will inspire someone to give something a go. Everyone is talented in some ways. Some don’t know it, but I believe it’s there. They just have to reach in and give something a try. I guess that is what I’m really trying to achieve with this blog, and that is go forth and create and discover what you are capable of. 🙂

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  1. Hi, there! Thanks for visiting our blog (Fat-Bottom-Fifties Get Fierce). I love your painting and was wondering if it would be OK to use one (the Dutch windmills) for the background for a saying for my Christian FB page at
    I would include credit on the painting. I totally understand if you would prefer that I did not use it. I look forward to enjoying more of your work!

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  2. Well dear brother you are following our Mother and Father’s footsteps with your so wonderful talent! Another Masterpiece to add to the collection keep them coming! I’ve been trying to capture them in my cell phone so I can share with our dear Mother!


  3. Great that you are trying something different. I love to paint on wood as a canvas too! But cedar is not so easy to obtain here. I remember obtaining a small piece of dressed American Oak and it was a dream to paint on, but mostly I use pine or at worst…. mdf….


  4. There is a powerful beauty in this piece! I can see and feel a lot of energy. Something about that broken tree in the foreground is really pulling at me, almost as much as the barn and the pastoral goodness on the right side of the piece.


    1. Thank you so much, I never gave much thought about the tree until you mentioned it. But, now that you say it, I guess it does represent some things i.e., emotions that can get broken and which can never be repaired. I guess without really knowing, I placed a tree bending but not breaking in the pasture on the right side of the painting. To that effect, in an unconscious manner, it was my way to offset the broken tree I think. To remind myself that we as humans can bend and not break. We can not only survive, but also thrive. Thank you for opening my eyes to it. That is another thing I love about art. Another pair of eyes can see things that you overlook. Interpretation of the art is just as important as the art itself! Thank you again.

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      1. My pleasure! It is interesting, I find for myself and I see in others, that sometimes another person can pick up things that may have been in our subconscious when creating art. I too am always fascinated to hear the perceptions of others and see how they interact with my creations. I hope your week is off to a creative and wonderful start!


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