My name is Kevin Krieger. I am 64 years old and retired Air Force. I’m a son, sibling, uncle, husband, father and grandpa of three beautiful grandchildren. I enjoy creating things. Mainly from wood. That said I also enjoy painting. So, I decided this year in 2016 to combine both. I hope you enjoy my work. I also have a sense of humor and enjoy people. Geez. I sound like I’m doing an interview 🙂

Just a side note that avatar isn’t me. I just picked it because it’s my feel good pic and I think it’s hilarious.

5 thoughts on “About

    1. Thanks Don. We go way back my old friend. You were my best man at our wedding 37 years ago. My how time flies. It’s another world away isn’t it? You might get a knock at your door some day in Oregon. I have to take you up on that Salmon Fishing old buddy!


  1. Wonderful to meet you Kevin. Writing an “about me” can sometimes feel like we are being interviewed! I’m glad I fell into your blog and am looking forward to seeing more of your artwork. Happy New Year! All the best, Koko 🙂


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