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A Haunting Alley Springs Mill On The Jacks Fork River

Alley Springs Mill

I’ve always wanted to do a painting of Alley Springs Mill, but I wasn’t sure on what kind of mood I wanted for it. Then it kind of hit me with Halloween coming. I decided to do a ghostly, haunting theme. It’s not quite night as the sun rays fall on the mill and the moon rises above the bluff. An unworldly set of tiger eyes pierces through the trees. Just staring and waiting for the impending darkness. I think I created an uneasy beauty with this theme. It took me awhile to get this one done because I wrestled with how I was going to create the mood. I almost left the tiger eyes out, but then decided to go with them. I hope it was the right decision. This painting is done on 4 pine planks glued together.


Cat beam

When I decided I was going to experiment with cedar planks as a painting canvas this was my first try. This painting was made for my sister who loves cats. Personally, I’m not a cat person. I’m more of a dog kind of guy. Besides I’m allergic to cats. Nevertheless, I decided to give it a go with a cat because I adore my sister so much. What an amazing person she is. Love ya sis. The thing I enjoyed most with taking this on was the fact that I could make my canvases any size and shape I desired. I didn’t have to rely on normal store-bought cloth canvases. Not to mention, store bought canvases can be very expensive over time. The freedom to make something small or massive was at my fingertips. I am in full control of the canvas size, shape, color and texture. I can glue the planks together using any grain pattern and light and dark combinations. I can sand as much as I want or leave areas rough. For me it’s a fun part of the painting process. Again, these cedar planks are part of the art. My sister loves the cat painting. Others who have seen it have different opinions about it (all good). One person thought it was creepy though? I believe because of the eyes. That said, they still liked it. It’s that old but still true saying: “Beauty is in the eye of the beholder”.

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