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The Conqueror Eagle

The Conquerer Eagle

The Conqueror Eagle

The determined fierce conqueror eagle is unafraid as he commands the dark skies. He thrusts his strong wings through a perilous epic journey. His quest is towards calmer blue clouds. He will succeed and not be defeated by the turbulent storm winds that engulfs him. He will win out and soon be able to soar free on more peaceful heavens. I almost didn’t complete this painting. It wasn’t coming out the way I wanted it to. Through the middle of it, I completely changed directions by making it a more mystical piece. I made it on four pine planks glued together.

Handmade Farmhouse Dining Table

Farmhouse Table 1        Farmhouse Table 2

Farmhouse Table 3        Farmhouse Table 4

Farmhouse Table 5          HANDMADE FARMHOUSE TABLE

So, my wife asked me to make a Dining Table. We have a small kitchen with no dining room, and we were wanting a rectangular dining table to fit our kitchen space. We shopped around, but we couldn’t find the right table length. A nice dining table for what we wanted had an average price of around $500. I have made a lot of furniture over the years, but never made a dining table. It took me a week to make this table. One Saturday, two Sundays and a few week nights. I used three 11.5” wide pine boards, a couple 4” wide pine boards, a 2” x 4” board for braces, four table legs, some metal brackets, wood stain, sand paper, clear coat spray, cabinet screws, and a half a box of floor laminate planks. Total cost for supplies was around $120. I bought all my supplies at my local Home Depot Store. My wife did a great job staining the whole table before I applied the laminate for the table top. I told my wife we will be eating off the floor from now on since the table top is made with laminate floor planks :). She is very happy with how it came out. I like the end result as well. It looks like a store bought table. Anyone can make something like this with simple hand tools. This table now custom fits our kitchen space, and looks beautiful. Like in painting, the wood canvas is part of the art! Now I can get back to some painting. 





Super Blue Blood Moon


The Super Blue Blood Moon glows brightly red in the cold black night as a seagull sails above a mighty ocean wave.

I wanted to make a painting/tribute about a rare epoch celestial stunner that will occur on 31 Jan 2018. It’s a moon trifecta. An All-In-One Blue Moon, Super Moon and Blood Moon event.

A Blue Moon happens every 2.5 years according to NASA. It has a couple different definitions, but it’s basically a second full moon happening in a single month. Hence the saying “Once in a blue moon”.

A Super Moon is when the moon is closer to the earth, and so it appears 14 percent larger than normal and 30 percent brighter. There are 12 to 13 full moons a year. Of these, 3-4 of them are classified as super moons.

A Blood Moon is a total lunar eclipse. This is when the full moon passes into the earth’s shadow. The moon becomes bathed in a bright red glow. It’s like seeing a combination of the world’s sunsets and sunrises all at once being reflected off the surface of the moon. It’s been more than 150 years since this spectacular event has occurred.

Any one of these events is amazing, but having all three occur at the same moment in time is an immense astronomical event not to be missed!

NOTE: This painting is on two pine board planks measuring 6 1/2 inches wide and 15 inches in length.

Anyway, I hope you enjoy the painting. Any feedback (good, bad and ugly),is always welcome.

Homemade Wood Plank Storage Chest

And now for something completely different…I handmade this for our grandkids. Three pics below….

Homemade Wood Plank Storage Chest

When I started this Blog, I did it to display and archive my paintings on wood. Of course, I love to paint, but I also love to make things with wood. I have made countless pieces of furniture since I was a teenager. Recently, my wife wanted some sort of storage chest to store our three grandchildren’s toys. We scoured the internet to buy something, and found some we liked. For the chests we liked it cost anywhere from $200 to $500. We almost bought something, but my wife suggested that maybe I should make something instead. That way we can make it the size we want.

Homemade Wood Plank Storage Chest 2

I hadn’t really thought about it, but the wood planks I painted on came to mind. So, in one day I thought up the measurements and bought pine board to construct a chest. I cut the boards, sanded and screwed together the pieces and literally had the chest done in a single day. My wife wanted doors on it though. Making and hanging the doors was much more time consuming. Two weeks later I was done with the doors. I made this shelved toy chest for less than $60. I decided to add this piece to this blog to show that the planks I use for painting wood canvases can also be used to make furniture. Eventually I will Clear Coat it, but for now I like the natural rustic look.

Homemade Wood Plank Storage Chest 3

Being near Christmas, I feel like one of Santa’s Elves making furniture. I only needed a saw, drill, clamps, wood glue and hardware to make this thing. Wife happy. Happy wife, happy life. Now, I can get back to painting 🙂