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F-15 Eagle

When I was in the Air Force, I worked on many types of aircraft to include HH-53 Helicopters and even the Space Shuttle carrier. But, by far my most favorite aircraft of them all that I worked on was the F-15 Eagle. It’s just an amazing aircraft in many ways and has stood the test of time of decades. This painting is my tribute to it.

NOTE: After I finished this painting, I noticed a figure in the clouds. It was totally unintentional, but there it was. It’s a figure of a man’s face staring down. The face image is above the right wing near the orange color. Do you see it? You can clearly see the nose, eyes, hair and beard. When I showed my wife, she said she didn’t see it at first, but seen something else that I didn’t see. A large figure of a man saluting above and behind the plane. He is wearing a military dress hat. His arm extends left and then back to his brow saluting. His arm is overly large, but it clearly shows a salute. Do you see it? Again, this was totally unintentional. Then my son found another image in the clouds. It appears to be a man’s head staring down to the bottom of the lightning bolt crashing around the white cloud. The man’s head is right to the left of the nose of the plane. I guess something was speaking through my hands when I created these clouds. Weird…eh?

The Pier


The Pier

Imagine on a sunny day standing on this pier. A cool ocean breeze slips across your skin. The blue-grey water gently moves back and forth below your feet. Reluctantly, you leave to return another day. While away…BOOM! This pier is under siege. Darkened skies, massive swells, lighting and thunder and a freakish gigantic wave develops. The world around this pier is in chaos. The pier like many times before will endure this drama, violent turmoil and unrest that seemingly won’t end. The pier will stand strong in adversity. Another day awaits. A beautiful, serene calmness will surround the pier again. We as humans are in many ways like this pier. Our daily lives can be filled with peace, love and harmony. But, in an instant our world can be turned upside down in an upheaval of unwelcome noise, darkness and uncertainty. The pier is me. The pier is you. The pier to me represents what we as humans face throughout our lives. I left a hint of blue sky in the upper left corner of this painting. It gives hope of what was and what will be in brighter days ahead. For me, this small space of calm gives the biggest message in an otherwise dominant mixture of anarchy and disorder. This tiny blue space within all of us reminds us that when we are experiencing dark and unhinged feelings there will be peace forthcoming. Keep the faith and hope alive inside you when your world is turned upside down. I made this painting on 4 pine planks glued together.

I did two other theme paintings like this one. They are titled “The Barn” and “The Dividing Line”, and they can be seen within this blog.

P.S I am sober eight years now. There was a time I was a functioning alcoholic. I was in a constant state of clouded numbness filled with anger and regret. Freeing myself from the bottle has heightened my creativity with painting. I wrote a poem years ago after some very dark days. Looking in the mirror and not liking that person very much I made a decision to stop the hurt I inflicted on others and to myself. That person is gone now and he is not allowed back into my life.

Alcohol was my downward spin
It was my friend that helped me sin
The juice took its toll on my role
Now I repent and mend and give hope to my soul
As a husband, a dad and granddad I’m glad
I am proud and at the same time sometimes I’m sad
I have changed as I live with regret its true
I hope my good replaces the bad I gave you
I wish I knew then what I know now
I’ve caused some hurt, anger and pain that’s foul
I no longer place blame on my old deceitful friend
Calm and peace is now my trend

It’s taken me years…I was a man astray
I thought I knew who I was…now I pay
I was weak from the juice and standing in my own way
I clearly see now and hold a new day
As I write this poem I want to weep
I can’t turn the clock back so I must keep
Bad childhood memories started my rue
Like with my dad the juice made me a fool too
Getting older makes me wiser I’ve seen
I’m only human and am no longer mean
I’ve changed my path and bettered myself
I focus only on family, time, love and health
My heart has ached with a piece of it empty
So I have learned to fill it with love and be true plenty
I’m a better man…you will see I am new
So please give me a chance and I will prove it to you

Table Rock Lake Sunset

Table Rock Lake Sunset (2)

To me something about sunrises and sunsets have a calming effect. The anticipation of a new day or the satisfaction of a day well spent. The geese fly west…southwest towards the extinguishing light. The lake is like glass in the still of the night, and soon the night will consume the horizon’s red glow. Peace, serenity and calm. That is what this painting represents to me. I made this painting in one day. That includes cutting, gluing and sanding the wood canvas made of 3 pine board planks.

The Barn


The Barn

I call this painting “Life…There Is Light After The Darkness”.

This painting is one of my first, and its located on my main page of Word Press. I wanted  to add it over here on my Blog side of Word Press along with my other paintings. Its a fairly large painting on six cedar wood planks measuring 20 inches wide by 30 inches long.

The left side of the painting represents the turmoil and storms we have as we go through our life’s journey. The right side of the painting represents the happiness, love and peace throughout ones life. It gives hope and light after you have been struck down in the darkness. The Barn is the focal point. To me it represents humans. No matter what is thrown at you to tear you down, to break you with grief, pain and sadness the human condition can win out. The barn will not be crushed in the aftermath of immense destruction, and  you CAN shine on and stand tall through it all with hope, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of calm, peace and inner strength.

The Dividing Line



I made this painting with the same theme of my Barn painting. This time I wanted to mix black and white with color on pine wood planks. It really is a mood painting. What mood are you in? A dark unsettled gloomy mood, or a bright and sunny mood? It’s a painting that takes your mood temperature. As I have said throughout this blog, I have to have a real feeling to paint something, and that includes serious and funny themes. Of course, I am also happy to paint something for someone that has meaning only to them. If I had to guess I would say most people’s temperatures are somewhere in the middle of this painting. Some leaning a little to the left into the darkness of life’s challenges (by choice or not by choice), and some leaning a little to the right into the optimistic peace and love of life. Personally, I strive to be “All In” on the right side of the painting. That can be an immense challenge at times. I guess that’s peering at the world with rose colored glasses, but in my opinion it’s much better than being gloom and doom all the time. I’ve been to the dark side more than once in my life, and it’s no fun over there. The only power I have is my attitude. I’m not trying to be deep or complex here. In fact, someone once told me I wasn’t deep and I took it as a compliment. I would much rather be simplistic and happy than deep and overly complex and brooding. This painting is just an expression of where one is at in their life. Some people can throw buckets of paint on a canvas and let it roll all together and end up having it hang on a museum wall. The viewer can then stare at it and make their own interpretation of it. I’m not knocking that. It is what it is. This painting allows the viewer to also make their own interpretation of it. The themes of good vs evil, good vs bad, happy vs sad and so on intrigues me. What wins out? I guess that depends on where one is in their ever evolving life? This painting concept allows me to experiment with these impressions in a weird way. My own form of therapy I guess.

I will be taking a little break from painting now. Not long though. I shall return soon. This blog has been a great way to archive and tell the story of my paintings in one place. Thanks again to all who have taken the time to read and view my work. It’s not a fast process, but 19 paintings in six months isn’t bad I think. Especially since I have to cut, glue, clamp, trim and sand my own canvases. I don’t mind though because the wood is part of the art for me.

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