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Donkey Kong

Who doesn’t love a couple of Donkeys on the farm? Why did I paint these two? I don’t know, it just felt right at the time. Besides I know a couple of people who love donkeys, and so I did this painting for them. I used two small pine board planks for this painting.

The Barn


The Barn

I call this painting “Life…There Is Light After The Darkness”.

This painting is one of my first, and its located on my main page of Word Press. I wanted  to add it over here on my Blog side of Word Press along with my other paintings. Its a fairly large painting on six cedar wood planks measuring 20 inches wide by 30 inches long.

The left side of the painting represents the turmoil and storms we have as we go through our life’s journey. The right side of the painting represents the happiness, love and peace throughout ones life. It gives hope and light after you have been struck down in the darkness. The Barn is the focal point. To me it represents humans. No matter what is thrown at you to tear you down, to break you with grief, pain and sadness the human condition can win out. The barn will not be crushed in the aftermath of immense destruction, and  you CAN shine on and stand tall through it all with hope, happiness, freedom, love and a sense of calm, peace and inner strength.