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Window To Pikes Peak


I named this painting Window To Pikes Peak. Back in October of this year (2016), my wife took a photograph of Pikes Peak through a rock opening located in the Garden Of The Gods. The rock formations here are spectacular! Garden of the Gods is the top geological wonder in Colorado with incredible rock formations and an activity playground that lets people hike, bike, horseback ride and explore this free attraction in Colorado Springs. When we got back home from this vacation I came across the photo she took. I knew right then I had to paint this. I added a hummingbird at the bottom of the painting only because I just wanted to. My wife loves hummingbirds, so it felt right. Pikes Peak is 14,114 feet high. On our visit there we decided to drive up this behemoth. I have to say it was one of the most frightening drives I had ever driven. Altitude sickness is a real thing folks. For me it kicked in around 12,000 feet. Feeling a little dizzy with beads of sweat on my forehead I pressed onward and upward. Having a death grip on the steering wheel, it was worth every white knuckle moment getting to the top though. There are no guard rails, so one false move and you will take your final leap. This painting will be a reminder of this adventure for years to come. This is a good size painting that is just under 2 feet wide and just over 2 feet long painted on six vertical pine wood planks.

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